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Can Conservatives Trust Journalists? | Joy Mayer with Mónica Guzmán


Joy Mayer just launched a bold effort to help conservatives trust journalists. But can the relationship be improved? What does it take for America’s local journalists to tell stories powerfully not just in the view of liberals, whose perspectives most journalists identify with, but also in the view of conservatives, whose perspectives are easier for many journalists to misunderstand, neglect, or dismiss? 

Joy, director of the Trusting News Project, joins host and fellow journalist Mónica Guzmán to explore groundbreaking new research and break open a fraught conversation that, for the most part, the journalism industry has not been having. Together, they count down six things that newsrooms could do to help close the partisan trust gap—and some things all news readers can do to support the American promise of journalism as a critical public service. 

Learn more about the Trusting News Project’s #RoadToPluralism project: 

Twitter: @braverangels, @moniguzman, @mayerjoy 

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1 thought on “Can Conservatives Trust Journalists? | Joy Mayer with Mónica Guzmán”

  1. I appreciate what you are “trying “ to do. But I’m not sure you are going to accomplish your goals when you talk down about conservatives. I’m tired of the Holier than though discussion. How come you do not have a conservative in the conversation?

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