Bridging Black Perspectives | Dominique DiPrima meets Kira Davis with John Wood, Jr.


Dominique DiPrima is a former co-host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show and is the host of The Front Page with Dominique DiPrima. A “leading-edge” progressive activist, she has challenged the political status quo from the airwaves of KJLH in Los Angeles as LA’s most popular Black morning show host. Kira Davis is the editor at large of Red State, a non-conforming voice who challenges Democratic orthodoxy while championing the values of faith, family and independence.

Dominique and Kira are politically opposite. But they are both willing to challenge Republicans and Democrats while listening to and learning from each other.

Listen to this fascinating back and forth between two passionate Black women dedicated to justice, equality and progress in America. John Wood, Jr. moderates.

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1 thought on “Bridging Black Perspectives | Dominique DiPrima meets Kira Davis with John Wood, Jr.”

  1. What a wonderful dialogue between differing political viewpoints! Thank you, John Woods, Jr., for providing this opportunity. This gives me much needed hope for the future of our wonderful (albeit not perfect) country. The world is watching the USA; and this is a perfect opportunity to show the world our true ability for justice, fairness, grace, and leadership in race relations, economics, education, and all areas of equality for humankind.

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