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1:1 Conversations Across Differences

Additional Info

Conversation Platform

Once you have a partner, please choose an online platform with which you are comfortable.

Many people are comfortable with Zoom.  Here is a step-by-step guide which includes how to pick your device, download Zoom, handle audio and video, invite your conversation partner, and view the 1:1 conversation guide on screen, or watch this short video to learn how to start a Zoom meeting, invite your partner to join, and arrange Windows to see the conversation guide on screen.

Free, Basic Zoom meetings between 2 or more people are subject to a 40-minute time limit, so if you have access to a Pro or Business account, please use that. If not, here is a workaround that enables you to continue your conversation beyond 40 minutes.

Other online platforms include Google Meet, FaceTime (if you both have Apple devices), or Skype.  It’s far preferable that you see each other, so use a telephone only if other options don’t work. You two set the dates and times for both conversations. 

Working With the Conversation Guides

It is mandatory to use the conversation guide for your particular 1:1 conversation. That’s what structures your conversation! You can view the conversation guide onscreen during your conversation when using Zoom.  See the instructions in the Zoom step-by-step guide or watch this short video. 

Or you can print out the conversation guide in advance (one guide contains both conversations) and use it with any platform by clicking on the appropriate link: 1:1 Golden Rule; 1:1 Red/Blue; 1:1 Conversation Across Generations1:1 Rural/Urban; or 1:1 Conversation About Race, Ethnicity or CultureThen click on File, Download as a Microsoft Word doc, and click on the file that appears in the bottom left-hand corner. Once the Word doc is open, click on File, then Print.

After Finishing Your 1:1 Conversation

Please complete this quick, confidential survey to share your feedback about your conversation. 

Please fill out this short form to let us know you completed your 1:1 conversations and, if applicable, share a few action ideas from your conversation. You can also provide a short testimonial about your 1:1 experience to encourage others to participate in one.

We dearly hope that you and your partner will continue to stay in touch with each other.

Spread the Word!

Tell your friends, relatives and acquaintances about Braver Angels 1:1 Conversations. If you wish, you can cut and paste the wording in this template into an email, revise and personalize it as desired, and email it to 5-10 others. We’re especially appreciative when you spread the word among conservatives, 18-30 year olds, non-White people, and rural/small town dwellers.

Donate to Support 1:1 Conversations

We rely on the generosity of our supporters to fund our work to bring Americans together. If you found your 1:1 conversation to be valuable, please donate here. These donations are specially marked to let us know you want us to devote more resources to 1:1 conversations. Our goal is to get thousands of people doing Braver Angels 1:1 conversations nationwide. Your donation is a vote that you agree! Every contribution is appreciated.

If you have a question about Braver Angels 1:1 conversations, please email us at

Braver Angels Support