Songwriting Contest Entries

The Sun Comes Up

Jenny Morgan

Samad and Archie

Olivia Brownlee

Make America Good Again

Beth Blatt/Derek Gregor

(vocals- Jack McKenna; guitar- Michael Shofi)

Not Divided

Stephanie Sweet

What’s in a Name

Robert Smith (sung by Rob and Kristen Smith)

One Voice

Madison Olson

On Second Thought

Tracy & Bobbo Byrnes


Ann Wright

What is the World Coming To

Kevin Kelso

We Are All In This Together

Grant Baldwin

I Want the Same Thing For You

Adam Sorscher

Pull Together

Rob Lytle

Peace, Love, and America

Charles Brandt

Better Angels

Doc Heide

So Beautiful

Robert Evans


Robert Ongley

We Are Not Enemies, But Friends

Dwight Stone / Emily Hopkins 

World of Peace

The Levins (Ira Levin & Julia Bordenaro Levin)

Standing On Common Ground

Edna Garte

Lead Each Other Through The Dark

Midnight McGee

Beside Me

Anna May

Bird O’ Freedom

John Dennis

If We Didn’t Stay Together

Phillip McKnight


Anne DeChant

There’s Another Way

JD Martin/Chuck Jones (Sung by JD and Jan Garrett)

Tasting Life

Bill Valenti / David Higdon (sung by David)

When You Believe

Laurie Prax

Stumbling Through

Robert Sterling and Jacqueline Irving 

For the Children

Ed Amash


Mo McMorrow

Man on the Levee

Michael McNevin

Hatred Has No Place

David Heitler-Klevans

The Great Divide

Jud Caswell

Angel Without Wings

Terry Holder

Come Unity 

” Brother Joe” (Joey Banua)

Not Really Different

Laura Beaver/Alan Atkinson (sung by Cassidy Jo Sanders)

(Not) Colorblind

Cary Cooper & Kevin Vines (sung by Cary)

You Are Welcome Here

Rob Laurens

Anybody’s Child

Stephen A. Sherblom (sung by “Wild Rumpus”)

Gods Counting on Me Counting on You

Joe McLoughlin

Common Ground

Judy Kass, Glen Roethel, Amy Soucy (Us!)

Crossing the Great Divide

By Alison Young

Bridge to Understanding

Linda Kraemer/Stacy Smith/Beth Syverson (sung by Linda)

Over the Sea

Amanda Pascali

Voice of the People

Siuberto Socarras 

Wash Over Me

Val Blaha


Stefanie Potter

Idea Virus

Rolf Hendriks (Sung by Eric Castiglia)

Stronger (We the People)

Catherine Miles / JayMafale 

This Republic’s Road

R T Hall

One More River to Cross

Dale Hanabarger

Your Words Matter

Mark Rice

Other Side of the Table

Tom Manche

All My Friends

John Carroll

Every Voice

Bernie Sims

Clean Slate

Lynne Hanson

Walking Eachother Home

Paul Edward Sanchez

Open Up Your Heart

Austin Willacy

Dreamers, Liars, and Fools

Jerry Johnston

I Wish You Well

Wendy Abigail Treat

It’s Gonna Take All Of Us

Lynette Williams & Nicholas Zork

Common Ground

Pat Owen-Leary


Phil Coomer

The Sound of Us

Lynette Williams & Nicholas Zork

Change Now

Steve Chizmadia

Martin’s Dream

Barbara Jarrell

All I Need

George Ensle/Richard Dobson (sung by George)

People not Labels

Art Rude

Sending Love

Jim Chaps

Set Heaven on Fire

Kat Rogers

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Joan Enguita

Rise Above

Kevin T Brennan


Daniel Leathersich/David Michael (sung by Daniel)

Together In America

Carolyn Sullins

We Are One

Robert G David

We Will Not Stand Alone

Harriet Reynolds

Leaky Boats and Paper Birds

Katie Dahl

Do It In The Name Of Love

Spook Handy

Better Angels

Baylis Laramore

Ain’t it So Nice Outside Today

Rich Krueger 

The Other Side

Danny Britt

Stranger I Know

PJ Ju / Olivia Frances (sung by Olivia)

Mile After Mile

Carol Markstrom 

Look Through Children’s Eyes

Willy Welch

Braver To Do

Mia Rose Lynn

Don’t Swallow and Follow

Marilyn Rucker


Dan and Faith (by Daniel Senie) 

The Quiet Voice

written by Alex Wong / Elise Hayes (sung by Alex)

United State of Humanity

Donna Elaine Miller/Jon Baker (sung by Donna)

I Don’t Know How

C. Daniel Boling 


Eliza Newlin Carney (vocals: Lea Morris and Nick Newlin)

Just a Family

Barbara Gardiner

The News is Still Printed in Black and White

Tim Helnore

Every Beat of My Heart

Paul Hilliard

Anthem For Unity

Susan Reid

Different Troubles

The Singer and the Songwriter

Together Now

Kelly Riley


Rosemarie Austin

A Virtue and A Call

Andy Rogovin (harmony: Monique Byrne)

Start Where You Are

Ellis Delaney

Even You

Thomas Prasada-Rao

Surprised By Joy

Dan Hazlett

Can’t Happen Here

Jim Stanard

Sundown on the Nation

Mark Browning

Even Then

Kira Velella


Maureen Hall/Richard Hall

You Can Talk To Me

New Middle Class (written by Mike Borok)

What Kind of Love

Julie Grower

I Like The Red, I Like The Blue

Chris Cruz

All That I Am

Jack Warshaw

Everybody Has A Purpose

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke

With Love

Jack Motley

Love is the Answer

Len Seligman (Harmonies: JD Martin and Jan Garrett)

Help My Neighbor On

Eric Lee

Pilot Light

Billy Gewin

No Place Here

Matthew Bell

Man in a Mask

Grant Peeples

On The Waves

Dale Carpenter

White Mache

Andrew Wiscombe

Liberty and Justice For All

Tom Smith 

Scars and Stripes

Erinn Peet-Lukes


John Wertheimer and Carol Quillen

Good Things Will Come

Marion Halliday 

Ever Since Columbine

Dan Weber 

Speak Love

Dean Krippaehne

Uncertain Times

Joe Lambert/Linda Blaine (harmony: Joanne Blum, Bass: Eddie Watkins, Jr)

Ghosts of Antietem

Lynne Taylor 

Hope Lingers Here

Lissa Schneckenburger. Sung by Vancouver Youth Choir Voices

Etched in Stone

Jane Fallon

When We All Learn to Show Love to Each other

(Ellen Treon)

River Rock

Meghan Cary


Tod Pronto

Say Can You See

Scott L Cook

(fiddle: Kat Mear, Bass: Liz Frencham, Banjo: Bramwell Park)

The Peace Formula

Sankarshan Das

It’ll Be Gone

Kenny Spears

Your Place of Freedom

Colleen Kattau 

Come on Young People

Matt Kasper


Paul Messinger 


Larry Lesser

All My Friends

Daniel Elixir

Thanks for the lift

John Schindler

Love Is A War

Ezra Vancil and the Congregation

Glad I Prayed

Webster’s Wheel

We Are All Americans

Larry A Read 

2 Wolves

Tia McGraff/Tommy Parham

You Can’t Run Out of Love

Siobhan O’Brien


Lazer Lloyd

Your Heart is a Muscle

Tracy Spring


Nick Russell

Say A Prayer For Me

David Martin

A More Perfect Union

Erin Moreland

Goodnight America

Kemp Harris

These Shoes

Zoe Lewis

I Can’t Breathe

Bruce Smith

Common Ground

Jim Jones/Andrea C. Renfree

Saving the Republic

Ernest Troost

Grand Adventure

Gary Blanchard


Bill Howe

What a Time to Be Alive

Matt Pless

The World is on Fire

Annette Marie Wasilik

In America

David Hakan


John Simon

Make Your Own Peace

Robin Hopper

Best Beasts

Matt Harlan

Together We Rise

Bob Sima

Bigger Map

Acoustic Blender 

Our Common Ground

Jennie Litt, lyrics/David Alpher, music

There Will Always Be

Friction Farm (Christine Stay/Aidan Quinn)

We’re All Americans

Doug Adair

My Neighborhood

Chris Taylor Frimoth


Ed Riegler (ed. by Sharon Riegler)

The Final Word

Susan Shann

Back to Better

Timothy Ehlinger

Life Is Precious

Joseph Lipinski

Different Shades

Armand Della Volpe

Braver Angels

Doug Hendren

I Miss America

Steve Eulberg

Listen to the Children

Larry Sagen/Jason Hansen/Todd Scales/Mike Brenner/Jessica Nusbaum

New Worried Man

Alana Johnson (mando: Bozie Fields)

Mr/Ms Mirror–A Peacemaking Ditty

Dan Erdman (also sung by Marcia Erdman

Red and Blue

Michael Pelz Sherman

The Compassionate Rebel

Julie D Penshorn

The Wave

Abigayle Kompst 

My Country is Not Mine

Simon Thomsen

I’m Right

Greg Munford

Close to You

Amanda Spinella

Free to Disagree

Happy Ron

Stuck Inside

Neil Levin

We Are All In This Together

Debbie Preece


Diane Hurst

Imaginary World

Chris Sand

Better Angels

Eric H.F. Law

Shirts vs. Skins

Ted Williams

City Limits Diner

Bruce Fogelsong

This Earth is Your Earth

Scott Grace

We Always Hold the Sun

Willow Scrivner

The Very Same Sun

Judith Ames

Loving Thoughts

GT Blake and Bia Laborte

(vocals- Annette Laborte)

Ghost of Abuelito

Kristen Grainger & Daniel Wetzel

Braver Angels

Annie Wenz

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