The Cogjam Effect – and the Path to Healing Divisive Community and Fractured Science

Laurel Hughes | 2019
Posted in: Bridging Divides
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This book is a balm for the crazy times we are in. Laurel’s substantial experience with the psychological aftermath of disasters such as the Twin Towers, Katrina, and many others gives her a unique perspective. She intelligently and coherently diagnoses the widespread symptoms of the American populace’s disrupted lives, which strike her as eerily like those experienced by people mending from the fallout of the major disaster.

But unlike traditional disaster, which ends and then opens pathways for healing, the roller coaster of raucous noise inflicted by our political and social climate continually throws monkey wrenches into everybody’s thinking, and common sense goes out the window.  Now more than ever, going beyond thinking jammed with primal fear and anger, we as a country need to move to discourse based on listening, understanding, and solving problems–the vision and values of Braver Angels.  This book has so much to offer to support this movement.