Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Nationalism, and Socialism Is Destroying American Democracy

Jonah Goldberg | 2018
Posted in: Conservative Experiences Rise and Fall of Empire
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Goldberg is a known Conservative fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. He’s on the board of National Review, and wrote for that publication for many years. His work there included his position as the founding editor of National Review Online. He has contributed to Fox News, and now contributes to CNN. He also is the Editor in Chief and co-founder of The Dispatch, a “digital media company providing engaged citizens with fact-based reporting and commentary on politics, policy, and culture – informed by Conservative Principles.”

Suicide of the West has been extraordinarily helpful to me. It offers anthropological insights into how western liberal democracy developed, which provide a sound basis for understanding the importance of our Constitution and The Rule of Law, and why that is currently threatened. 

It is a clear throated defense of The Enlightenment based liberal democracy on which our country was designed to function. This book provides Reds a tool for understanding the principles of the Conservation of Liberal Democracy, and gives Blues perspectives on what drives properly Red political preferences.

It belongs side-by-side with Alienated America, by Tim Carney. I read those two books back to back during the Trump years, and in tandem they were extraordinarily helpful in my understanding the forces behind Trump and what Braver Angels aims to preserve in our country in its fight against unhealthy polarization.