Braver Angels Annual Report 2022

Braver Angels | 2023
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Over the years, we’ve found incredible success growing our organization and building a grassroots network across the country. But we’ve never formally captured the work in an annual report. This year, we decided it was time. Could we bring a team of equally balanced Reds, Blues, and Purples together to tell the story of Braver Angels?

This annual report is for you: the subscriber who hasn’t yet become a member, the member who wants to get more involved, the volunteer who is feeling burnt out, and the leader who knows this work is possible, if only more people saw it in action.

We want you to use this annual report to better understand the story of Braver Angels, recruit members and event attendees, reach out to potential partners and funders, and spread the word about how we can all work to bridge the partisan divide.

Also watch the Annual Report Team Video — How the Team who created the Annual Report used the BA WAY to produce the deliverable and show a proof point of the method.