Experience The Student Voices of Color – High School, College, and Doctoral Studies.

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Cheyenne Donaghy, a junior at Detroit International Academy for Women, Autumn Brown, an Oklahoma State University aspiring Ph.D. candidate, and Keyshawn King, a Stanford University Class of 2022 member tackle questions-of-curiosity. Which ones? Their vision, influencers, and cancel culture. They even probe the adult Angels’ musings about celebrities’ influence.

Interviewing them are Braver Angels’ Donna Lee, David Joseph, and Carlos Hernandez.


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2 thoughts on “Experience The Student Voices of Color – High School, College, and Doctoral Studies.”

  1. For Autumn Brown, the OSU grad student.
    Keeping the potentially hostile faculty member on your PhD committee was an act of genuine courage. You have taken the opportunity to break the cycle of stereotyping and open up the academic conversation. Stay true to your sources; document exhaustively; treat opposing views with respect. You will win the day.

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