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Braver Angels Program Evaluation

Braver Angels has been subject to a variety of rigorous, data-driven evaluation, including:


Bailey M. Oliver-Blackburn and April Chatham Carpenter, “But I don’t know if I want to talk to you,” Journal of Applied Communication Research (July 13, 2022). [Link]



Robert A. Blair, Jessica Gottlieb, Marie Schenk, and Christopher Woods, “Depolarizing Within the Comfort of Your Party: Experimental Evidence from Online Workshops,” OSF Preprints (May 9, 2023). [Link]


Braver Angels 2020-2021: Depolarizing During the Pandemic

Braver Angels Evaluation Team

2022 [Link]



Francesca Gino, Julia Minson, and Jeff Huizinga,” Braver Angels: A Grassroots Effort to Depolarize American Politics,” Harvard Business Review (March 9, 2020). [Link]



 Hannah Baron, et. al, Can Americans Depolarize? Assessing the Effects of Reciprocal Group Reflection on Partisan Polarization (March 31, 2021). [Link]



Participant-Identified Effects of Better Angels Experiences

Braver Angels Evaluation Team

October 2019 [Link]



History Camp : Pre-Post Survey Analysis

The College Board

September 2018 [Link]


Braver Angels Support