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Justin Naylor

Justin Naylor is a farmer, chef, homeschooling dad, and former Latin teacher. Based in Northeastern PA, Justin and his wife Dillon operate Old Tioga Farm, where they raise vegetables and run a small on-farm restaurant. In addition to his Braver Angels column, he writes about current cultural and political topics at

The Value of Military Service

Americans need to make clear once again, through concrete actions, that we owe something to one another, that we’re willing to sacrifice for one another, and that in the most extreme circumstances, that we’re even willing to lay down our lives for one another. And the fact that our fellow-citizens have been so willing, in the past, is exactly what Memorial Day is meant to honor and remind us of.

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Why I am a Conservative

When I first joined Braver Angels and had to claim my political leaning, it wasn’t easy. I’ve been registered as an independent my whole life, and have voted for Republicans, Democrats, and even third-party candidates. With our Founding Fathers, I’m skeptical of factions, and political parties themselves—especially in our current primary system—seem to be one of the main forces driving our polarization.

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