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With Malice Toward None

About Braver Angels Arizona

Braver Angels Arizona has worked with hundreds of Arizonans passionate about uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America by hosting local debates, presentations, and signature Red/Blue workshops.

In addition, Braver Angels Arizona has worked with various community groups and organizations who have found their members struggling with polarization and an openness to begin building bridges across the political divide. At Braver Angels AZ, we do not accept this division. We reject the normalizing of this extreme polarization and say no to the breakdown of political and social life that it can bring.

Our work is about restoring civic trust. It is about healing the wounds between left and right. It is about challenging institutions to be better, building community together, and discovering what it means to be American and an Arizonan.

Our work is about supporting a more perfect union. Our work is about inspiring our beloved community. Our work is about building a house united.

Arizona State Coordinators

Want to Start an Alliance in Your Area?

Braver Angels Alliances are local groups of people who have attended a Braver Angels workshop, have become dues-paying members, and want to help unify America and promote better public policy. Alliances have red/blue co-chairs and prioritize having no more than a 60/40 split in red and blue membership. Here are some typical activities:

  1. Sponsor workshops, skills training and debates in their local community
  2. Have in-depth discussions about public policy issues
  3. Socialize with each other through potluck dinners, movie nights, etc.
For more information contact one of our state coordinator above.

Workshops and Debates

Workshops and debates are helping depolarize the political culture in Arizona.  Arizona has been active in training moderators, chairs and technical staff for, and holding online workshops and debates.

In the past, workshops have been held in both Phoenix and Tucson but have moved online for the time being.  This opportunity has allowed us to cultivate our organization at a statewide-level and we hope to get you involved.

View our list of upcoming events by clicking HERE.  For more information or if you are interested in joining Braver Angels please email us at braverangelsaz@gmail.com.

In The News

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