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Rotary Clubs & Braver Angels

Reuniting Divided Communities

Rotary creates environments of peace

Rotarians work to create an active peace in their communities.

Braver Angels brings people together

We provide tools for respectful engagement across viewpoint. 

We're teaming up to help Americans rebuild civic trust and find common ground.

Your Rotary Club can join a national network of community organizations working with Braver Angels to heal toxic polarization. We’ll design projects providing environments where citizens with differing political views can have calm, sincere conversations. They can disagree without demonizing each other. They can hear each other out, and while perhaps remaining opposed on policy or party, they can discover shared values, and goals. Working together, Rotary Clubs and Braver Angels can help revive the spirit of seeing those with whom we differ as fellow Americans, just as interested as we are in solving the country’s problems. 

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Our Common Approach

Braver Angels and Rotary International have shared ideas about how to help America heal its current divide.

  • Neither organization endorses political parties, candidates, or policies.
  • Both organizations emphasize goodwill; strong, positive relationships; and the importance of improved mutual understanding. 

Our Complementary Strengths

  • Rotarians know their communities. They understand the real human impact of the current trend toward demonizing, scorning, and even hating our political opponents. Rotary Clubs are trusted as good neighbors and their members know when and how to offer solutions to societal problems in a manner true to the ethos and traditions of the Rotary. 
  • Braver Angels knows the field. They are leaders in the American bridge-building movement, breaking ground with a methodology that relies on both objective, academic evaluation, and the wisdom of their wide-spread, politically diverse, grassroots membership.

Collaboration Options

Your Club may want to bring in a Braver Angels speaker, to introduce members to the work we do. Or you may want to schedule a workshop to learn skills and tools for civil conversations. Maybe your members would like to hold community forums for local leaders interested in bridging the current divide. You could even sign up for our Braver Angels leadership training. 

If you'd like to talk about how your Rotary Club can work with Braver Angels
to address toxic polarization in the US, send us an email.
We'll contact you to set up a call or meeting!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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