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We are honored to be the State where Braver Angels was initially started. In December 2016, the 1st Red / Blue Workshop was held in Lebanon, Ohio to see if 10 people who voted for President Trump and 10 people who voted for Hillary Clinton could sit down together and talk about differences in a structured process. We found that people could listen, learn to understand & trust while building relationships. It was a success!!

Braver Angels is now active in all 50 States providing both national and local programs. Our goal – help depolarize and work together as citizens for our Nation’s future.

Ohio State Coordinator

Beverly Horstman

[email protected]

Welcome to Braver Angels Ohio.  I am so pleased you are interested in our organization working to depolarize our country.  Ohio is proud to be a cornerstone in Braver Angels growth as an organization.  The 2nd Red / Blue workshop was also held in Ohio in 2017 and the 1st Alliance Group was founded from the participants involved in this important event.  We have an active and growing Braver Angels presence in Ohio including four (4) Alliance Groups who meet and work together in their communities.  I look forward to you joining us in this important journey for our State.

Alliances and Regions

What is a Braver Angels Alliance?

Braver Angels Alliances are local groups of people who have participated in Braver Angels workshops, are dues-paying members, and want to continue to work together to depolarize our nation. Alliances have at least one Red Co-Chair and one Blue Co-Chair. Alliances members are represented by Reds, Blues and Independents (Others).

What Braver Angels Alliances Do

  1. Sponsor Braver Angels events in their local communities. These include Skills & Discussion workshops, debates, and identified projects.
  2. Delve deeper into specific local issues, with the goal of seeking better understanding of how citizens on the other side are thinking about an issue. Alliances can discuss public policy issues that the group agrees to work on.
  3. Engage in activities that can include: writing letter to an editor, town halls meetings (without rancor and partisanship), invite local politicians and media members in to discuss how their institutions can help advance the cause of depolarization, and more.

Greater Cincinnati Alliance

The Greater Cincinnati Alliance was formed in March 2019.  Members are from the metropolitan and outlaying communities. With the change to Zoom meetings due to Covid, you are welcome to join us even if outside of the defined area.  We have great conversations, continue to build trusting relationships and work to help our communities depolarize.

For more information email [email protected]

Red Co-Chair

David Dennis

Blue Co-Chair

Rebecca Johnson

Greater Columbus Alliance

The Greater Columbus Alliance was formed in January 2020. Alliance members are curious, open-minded people, from across the political spectrum located in and around Columbus. During the pandemic we gather via Zoom to engage in respectful conversations of differing views, develop skills to improve such conversations, and participate in the many Braver Angels learning opportunities. After participating in activities designed to facilitate useful discussion, we come away with a better understanding of our own opinions and viewpoints and those of others.

For more information email [email protected]

Red Co-Chair

Michael Taggart

Blue Co-Chair

Kathy Cunningham

Independent Alliance Co-Chair

Corey Herring

SouthWest Ohio Alliance

The SouthWest Alliance is proud to be the 1st Alliance created within the Braver Angels organization.  We were formed in May 2017 from participants of the Red / Blue Workshop featured in the Braver Angels documentary – Reunite America. Members come from both rural and urban communities in SW Ohio. With the change to Zoom meetings due to Covid, you are welcome to join us even if you are outside of this area.  We have great conversations, building trusting & respectful relationships, and work to help our communities depolarize.

For more information email [email protected]

Red Co-Chairs

Jeff Sevier & Chris Watson

Blue Co-Chairs

Kim Watson & Kouhyar Mostash

Brown County Alliance

The Brown County Alliance was formed in late 2019.  Members are from Brown County and the adjoining counties of Clermont, Clinton, Highland and Adams, which makes us the only Alliance in Ohio to focus on issues in rural areas.  Since we are currently operating exclusively by Zoom, we are happy to have you join us regardless of where in Ohio you live, especially if you are looking for a rural perspective.  Successful events held include a Red/Blue Workshop and a debate.  We look forward to joining us to depolarize our society.

For more information email [email protected]

Red Co-Chair

Daniel Verney

Blue Co-Chair

Patrick Hornschemeier

Independent Alliance Co-Chair

Corey Herring

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