Peace Talks: The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey Elephant War

David Drum | 2020
Posted in: Bridging Divides
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With the United States more divided than at any time since the civil War, polarization, mistrust and blame permeate not only the talking points of Washington and the news media, but also the conversations and social media feeds of most Americans. Yet in a nation with so many for whom following Jesus, the Prince of Peace is central, shouldn’t it be different? If you’re searching for a peace that speaks louder than today’s cultural shouting match; if you’re curious how those with an affinity for Jesus might offer a better way of listening and talking through deeply-held differences – if you’re ready for some good news – join David Drum and discover how Peace Talks.

In Peace Talks, the author examines seven key factors that have led to our polarization, examines some Donkey and Elephant favorite topics from Jesus’ vantage point, and provides very practical suggestions for how to let peace talk in our congregations, at our dinner tables, and around the water cooler. Drum’s own family was severely divided by politics, and one of his sons wrote a chapter in the book as evidence that the suggestions included actually work in real families with real differences.