Since May, our online events have attracted more than 22,000 unique registrants.
Our subscriber list more than doubled in 2020, from 17,000 at the beginning of this year to 39,000 in November.
In 2020 to date, compared to 2019, our monthly website traffic has increased 329%.

Coming Together: Our Year in Review

In 2020, we quadrupled our dues-paying members, with over 1,200 new members in November alone.
Overall, we are now serving 4x as many Americans per month as we were in April of this year.

The Great Debate

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, our debates program has serviced more than 15,000 individuals, speakers such as Andrew Sullivan, two former governors of Ohio, Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, former House majority leader Dick Gephardt, and our very own Jonathan Rauch.

In the Spotlight

Since October 10, we’ve been featured on CBS News, ABC News Nightline, and National Public Radio, and in the New York Times, USA Today (twice), the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the Christian Science Monitor, the Seattle Times, the Deseret News, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Epoch Times, and in many local print and broadcast organizations across the country.

Engaging a Nation

To date in 2020, our “With Malice Toward None” initiative has enrolled more than 200 religious congregations, more than 100 civic organizations, and 75 colleges & universities across the country. In addition, to date in 2020, over 10,000 individual Americans have pledged support for the campaign, which extends through Inauguration Day 2021.

Support Braver Angels' Work In 2024

This holiday season, help strengthen our national citizens' movement as we prepare for a critical moment in the history of the Republic.
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