Braver Partners Registration

Are you ready to partner with us?

Have you been invited to join Braver Partners by one of our National partner program staff?  If so, you’re in the right place!

Not in the right place?  Have more questions about the program? Visit the Braver Partners’ info page to learn more, express your interest, and set up an introductory conversation with our team.

What happens when I register?

  • You will identify your Partner Liaison(s), who will serve as our point(s) of contact with your organization.
  • Once your registration has been reviewed by our National team:
    • Your Partner Liaison(s) will be added to our monthly partner newsletter.
    • You will be invited to send your Partner Liaison(s) to the Braver Angels national convention.
    • You will gain access to our Partner Portal, where you can begin your journey by connecting with resources to advance your goals.
    • You will be given a free membership link to distribute to your community.
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