JULY 5-8

The Future of a Movement
Braver Angels leader John Wood Jr. will set forth the vision of a social movement.
Braver Angels Debates
These are not your normal debates. Braver Angels Debates are a shared pursuit of truth.
Better Conflict
Governor Spencer Cox (R-UT) will join a Democratic Governor to discuss the nature of healthy conflict.
I Never Thought of It That Way
Braver Angels leader Mónica Guzmán will show us the power of curiosity.
In-House Convention Band
American bluegrass and hip hop group Gangstagrass will teach songwriting and perform live.
Battlefield Tour
A licensed battlefield guide will lead us through a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield.
Convention Platform
We deliberate. We debate.
We decide together on our future.
July 5-8, 2023

Rules & Procedures

Delegate applications were reviewed, and delegates selected, by appointees of the Braver Angels board of directors.

Convention decisions are not binding on Braver Angels’ or any other board, but are intended to help guide our cooperative work going forward.

The convention will operate on a modified parliamentary procedure model.

Four Convention Officers – two Presiding Officers (Co-Chairs), a Parliamentarian, and a Secretary – will serve the delegates.

Delegates will select two members to serve as Presiding Officers (Co-Chairs) of the convention, whose duties include guiding the Convention, enforcing good decorum, deciding points of order, voting in cases in which their votes would make or break a tie, and deciding in plenary sessions in what order speakers shall be recognized.

A Convention Parliamentarian will advise the Co-Chairs as requested on matters of procedure.

A Convention Secretary will serve as the convention’s recording officer and will keep a roll of convention delegates.

Delegates may select additional Convention Officers.

In plenary sessions delegates are asked to rise from their seat when they are called upon to speak, to address all statements to the Chair or Chairs, and to refer to the Chair being addressed as “Mister Chairman” or “Madam Chairwoman.”

Delegates seeking clarification as to procedure should address the Chair saying “point of order” or “question of clarification.”

The Convention’s agenda as approved by the Convention Committee is designed to ensure fairness and to foster participation, collaboration, civil discussion, and orderly decision-making.

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