Your Guide Across the Divide
Host Mónica Guzmán is joined by guests from across the political spectrum to unearth tools, insights, and messy real life stories that can guide you over the divide in your everyday life. So whether you’re Red, Blue, or something entirely different, “A Braver Way” will help you hear and be heard by people who confound you.

When the country could no longer see straight across the political divide, Mónica set out to find what was blinding us and discovered the most eye-opening tool we’re not using: our own built-in curiosity. Through her work at Braver Angels, in her bestselling book, and now in this podcast, Mónica is on a mission to help people who disagree get curious about each other with each other. 


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Meet Our Team
David Albright
David Albright is a multimedia journalist and media producer based in Seattle, WA. His work has been featured by Reuters, The New York Times, AFP, Seattle Channel, PBS, The National Science Foundation and others. He works closely with Mónica to guide editorial and production of A Braver Way.
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones guides project, strategy, marketing, and development for “A Braver Way”. She works with Mónica as head of business development at Reclaim Curiosity and lives in Seattle with her husband and two children.
April Lawson
April Lawson designed Braver Angels Debates and served as Managing Director of Braver Angels’ Debate and Public Discourse Program. She is a Red to Monica’s Blue, and Moni’s long time friend and colleague in Bridge Building. She regularly joins Monica for candid conversation about their insights and reactions to the featured stories on “A Braver Way”.
Artist in Residence
The theme music that you hear in the intro each episode — and in some other spots — is by the fantastic #1 Billboard bluegrass-charting hip-hop band Gangstagrass. You can see them live as they tour around the United States and the world. Learn more at Gangstagrass.com.
Katelin Annes
Cover Art & Graphics
Ben Caron
Show Notes
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