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About Braver Angels Washington

Braver Angels Washington is working in our local communities by holding workshops, debates and public presentations designed to bridge the polarizing political divide we experience in our country. These events allow conservatives and liberals to get past the destructive stereotypes so we can have civil conversations about real issues that lead to productive problem-solving.

Washington State Coordinators

Washington State Coordinator

Will Clemmer

[email protected]

Washington Deputy State Coordinator

Amy Funkhouser Watkins

[email protected]

Alliances and Regions

Washington State residents have a broad range of beliefs and political views.  The Alliance is there for citizens of diverse political and economic opinions to come together, listen to each other, and eventually discover that there is a lot of common ground amongst us.

We welcome you to come join hands with like-minded citizens to depolarize America!

Braver Angels Seattle-Everett Alliance

Our mission is to introduce citizens to the Braver Angels process of depolarization and civil discourse through attendance at free workshops, current event discussions, book talks, townhall debates, civic discourse events, speaking engagements, 1:1 conversations, alliance meetings and more. We respectfully engage in political and public policy discussions about issues important to us and our country. We invite you to join us!

The Co-Chairs at the Alliance include Mary Beth Stibbins, Rao Talasila, Chris Cook, and Joe Pratt.

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Braver Angels Kitsap County Alliance

Between our blue-collar shipyard workers, to white-collar techies, to active duty military, CEO’s, and farmers, Kitsap County’s residents are extremely diverse and equally polarized. The south end of the county consistently votes 55% Republican, while the north end of the county consistently votes 66-68% Democrat. There are even polarization struggles within each county’s political party.

Braver Angels’ work to encourage us to speak with each other, respect each other’s differences, and treat each other like the neighbors we are is desperately needed, and we’re here to help reds and blues better understand each other and come together as individuals and community.

The Co-Chairs at the Alliance include Elizabeth Doll and ? (We’ve been rotating who acts as facilitator because none of the blues feel capable of singularly co-chairing right now.)

Questions?  Email us at [email protected]

In The News

Marcus Harrison Green from the Seattle Times interviews Braver Angels Washington State Coordinator Will Clemmer.

The Seattle Times:  “How can we heal? Braver Angels test the notion of healing across political divides.”


Mukilteo BEACON: “League of Women Voters joins with Braver Angels to promote unity” – Nonpartisan organizations sponsoring discussion of documentary The Reunited States


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Braver Angels Washington has a bi-monthly newsletter. We feature updates from Will Clemmer, State Coordinator, and Amy Funkhouser, Deputy State Coordinator, plus information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and reports on Alliance and other activities. You can send submissions and inquiries to: [email protected]

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