Braver Angels 2020

America is in crisis, and the 2020 election promises to be one of the most divisive periods in our history.

The 2020 campaign will be hard fought — and that’s how it should be. Elections are a contest, and we need passion in our politics. But no matter who wins in November, our country will remain dangerously polarized — with half the country ready to dismiss and dehumanize the other.

There is a right way to fight — with vigor, conviction, and humanity — and a wrong way to fight, with vitriol, name-calling, and bad faith.

Braver Angels 2020 is a campaign to show Americans the right way to fight. It’s a coordinated messaging, events, and fundraising campaign to guide us through the electoral debate toward a more perfect Union — and to grow Braver Angels into the kind of movement that can heal this nation and build a house united in 2021 and beyond.

In July, we tackled “Race in America,” with a series of debates, discussions, workshops, forums, and podcasts on topics like institutional racism, police reform, and the future of Black America. (See below to watch videos of all the online events.) In September, we’ll tackle “Trump’s America,” with programming and media dedicated to exploring people’s views on President Trump, his policies, and his vision for America. And in October, we’ll be all in on engaging the Election head-on. This campaign is about giving Americans of all backgrounds and political persuasions the chance to make their voice heard, and to “Fight Right.”

Please see below for a list of our upcoming 2020 campaign events — and please support our campaign to depolarize America. 

Help us depolarize America

Upcoming Events:

Thursday August 6th

Braver Angels Online Debate
Did the Trump campaign collude with Russia?

Saturday August 8th
Braver Angels Online Workshop
Depolarizing Within

Tuesday August 11th
Braver Angels Online Debate
Should People who have been convicted of a crime be eligible to vote in all elections?

Past Events: Race in America

Watch the videos!

Monday July 6th
Braver Angels Podcast
Bridging Black Perspectives
Bob Woodson Meets Hawk Newsome (with John Wood, Jr.)

Wednesday July 8th 
America’s Public Forum
Can Christians Heal the Racial Divide? 
With Evan Chase, Rich Tafel and Omar Jawar (with Damien Conners)

Thursday July 9th
Braver Angels Debate
Resolved: “America should embrace radical systemic change to address racism.”

Monday July 13th
Braver Angels Podcast
What We Mean by White Supremacy
With Joy Donnell, Maleena Lawrence, Monica Guzman, John Wood, Jr. 

Wednesday July 22nd
America’s Public Forum
Systemic Racism—What Does the Data Tell Us? 
Ft. Wilfred Reilly & Roderick Graham with John Wood, Jr.

Friday, July 24th
Film Discussion
The Banker (available on Apple TV+)
With Alex Fennoy, Executive VP of Community and Economic Development, Midwest BankCentre

Monday July 27th
Braver Angels Podcast
Race and Empathy from the US to the UK
Ayishat Akanbi and John Wood, Jr.

Wednesday July 29th
America’s Public Forum
The Future of Black America
with Glenn Loury, Sherlett Hendy Newbill and Nel Glover 

Thursday July 30th
Braver Angels Debate
Resolved: Institutional racism remains present in America and the country should assist Black Americans with reparations.

Friday July 31st
Film Discussion

 Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America (available on Amazon Prime)

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