Tangle: Reimagining Political News | Isaac Saul with Ciaran O’Connor

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“America’s politics diet is broken,” says Isaac Saul, founder of Tangle News. “And Tangle is here to fix it.”

Isaac Saul, a former reporter, has quickly grown his newsletter, Tangle, into one of the most original, informative political newsletters in the country, combining a left/right breakdown of the news of the day with Isaac’s raw personal perspective. Whatever the issue, Isaac’s goal is to represent compelling, competing arguments from across the political spectrum..

In this episode of the Braver Angels Podcast, Isaac joins host Ciaran O’Connor for a deep dive on the future of political news, the power of storytelling, and what happened when he decided to open up about past transgressions—and what he learned from the experience.

Read and subscribe to Tangle News here: www.readtangle.com
Twitter: @braverangels, @Ike_Saul, @tanglenews, @ciaranjoconnor

Listen or watch the podcast below. You can also find it on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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1 thought on “Tangle: Reimagining Political News | Isaac Saul with Ciaran O’Connor”

  1. Ciaran,
    Thank you so much for introducing me to Isaac Saul and his Newsletter, “Tangle”! After sharing my comment with you I intend to call up his website at
    ‘readtangle.com’ to learn more about this young man’s hard work, in the name of Acknowledgment, Education and Civil Communication on both sides.

    I found his telling of his personal growth, from an unaware youth to the wise young man he has become, to be so heartwarming, encouraging and deeply empathetic. His journey from “know it all” to learning from those who loved, valued and had patience with him (despite his immaturity) as they continued to believe in his potential, is a familiar experience to parents and caregivers in all walks of life. I so appreciate his vulnerability and willingness to share a story that I intend to share with my teenage grandchildren as a beacon for the difficult growing years they are now experiencing.

    I continue to be richly blessed by Braver Angels and their ongoing conversations with Intelligent and Thoughtful Guests sincerely interested in helping to heal and lessen our divide as a country.

    Comprised of a leadership and membership from the whole spectrum of political views, I believe in their sincerity and commitment to encourage open communication with no intent to change anyone’s mind, but solely for the purpose of bringing to light “the rest of the story” for all sides.

    I have yet to find (as I make my way from the earliest to most recent podcasts) a Podcast Conversation that has not increased my understanding of others as well as giving me tools for being a more empathic communicator.

    The past five years had brought a sadness and great concern to my heart and mind as I saw the anger and distrust on each side continue to build. Even more heartbreaking for me was hearing about, and eventually experiencing, broken relationships between good people, on both sides of the issue, whose relationships have spanned a significant portion or even a whole lifetime. I could not wrap my head around HOW this was happening. 😢

    Were “politics” of such great importance that they were now powerful enough to destroy the moral fabric of our whole country, dividing mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters and friends of a lifetime!? (The Christian Scriptures even warn us about this coming to past: “For the son dishonors the father and treats him contemptuously, The daughter rises up [in hostility] against her mother, The daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law–A man’s enemies are the men (members) of his own household.” ~ Micah 7:6 (AMP-Amplified Bible) )

    Thankfully, dear friends, on both sides of the isle, recognized my deep sadness and concern and (separately, without knowledge of the other) recommended that I look into BRAVER ANGELS. What a blessing and salve for my hurting heart! Upon researching and joining (almost immediately!) Braver Angels, I began to feel the sun (Son) shine again in my heart and mind. My faith has been renewed and my fears for the future of the country in which (up to this point) two generations of our family will continue to call “Home”, have been allayed.

    Hearing the Intelligent and Open exchanges on the Braver Angels Podcasts has me assured that there are people still willing to work on opening communication, healing some of the wounds and bringing deeper understanding for the good of our whole country. That is the kind of world I hope for my daughters, their families and all those I love and care about after I am no longer a ‘physical’ resident.

    Thank you, Braver Angels, for caring!

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