The Fractured Republic – Renewing America’s Social Contract in the Age of Individualism

Yuval Levin | 2016
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Yuval Levin describes America’s current political mood as one of nostalgic yearning for a perceived golden era in the recent past: “Democrats talk about public policy as though it were always 1965 and the model of the Great Society welfare state will answer our every concern. And Republicans talk as though it were always 1981 and a repetition of the Reagan Revolution is the cure for what ails us.”
Levin argues that, unfortunately, neither the nostalgia of the left nor the nostalgia of the right accurately diagnoses the problems we are facing. Instead of returning to either of the remembered pasts, we should adopt a “modernized ethic of subsidiarity” and “empower a multiplicity of problem-solvers throughout our society, rather than hoping that one problem-solver in Washington gets it right.”