Hold America Together

Hold America Together is an initiative of Braver Angels to speak for the Union at a time of pending election crisis. Some of us will vote for President Trump and others for Vice President Biden. But we are united by our commitment to keep our country together and in our care for each other as fellow citizens.

We are inviting every American to do two things

Organize a Hold America Together group

Hold America Together groups are small groups of 5-12 friends and neighbors that individual Americans can organize on their own now and that will be activated in the event of an election emergency.

Groups can meet on Zoom or in person to talk about any election crisis and commit to action steps to keep the country together.

Braver Angels will help you prepare for the gathering with a conversation guide so that’s it’s a powerful experience for everyone who comes to your group.

Hold America Together groups is grassroots citizenship in action: We the People coming together in small groups to act to preserve our beloved country at a time of threat.

Sign up today and we’ll send you a conversation guide and other resources, so you’re fully prepared to deploy if your country needs you.

Note: For information on organizing a gathering after the 2020 presidential election has been officially decided, sign up to organize a With Malice Toward None gathering.

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