Braver Angels Debate Volunteer Training

Importance of Training

In a live in person debate, we are all doing things that come naturally to us– raising hands, giving attention to the speaker, being guided by the chair. In an online debate, many interactions are awkward, there are frequently distractions, and the environment is not natural or forgiving. Our participants also experience this awkwardness and less natural environment. We bridge this gap between online and in person with training designed to assist whips to know what to anticipate in the Zoom environment, learn how to interact with participants through the technology, and by observing an experienced whip in an online debate to become comfortable with the online environment and processes. This helps us make the debate participants’ experience (and ours, for that matter) smoother, more welcoming, and engaging.

Whip Training Process

1) Become a Braver Angels Member.

2) Review the Whip Roles and Training Guide together with the Whip Task Sheet. In order to become familiar with how we use the Zoom Platform in a debate, the volunteer may also view this Training Video.

3) Register for an orientation meeting with an experienced debate team member. If you are unable to attend the meeting you registered for, please cancel the meeting, and use the register link to schedule a new time.

4) Attend a National Debate as a staff observer shadowing an experienced whip.

If you have questions specific to the Whip Training, email us at

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