Braver Angels

Community Collaborations Network

The Challenge

Partisan political conflict is tearing apart American communities.  Beyond just disagreeing on issues, many people now hold contempt for those with different views. The result is paralysis at nearly every level of our society.

Is this national scourge of polarization showing up in your community? The list of divisive issues is long.

Many colleges are struggling with challenges such as racial justice, free speech, gender fluidity, and viewpoint diversity as they strive to fulfill their mission of preparing students as engaged citizens. 

Many religious congregations are struggling with issues such as vaccination/mask mandates, race relations, and political polarization as they try to live out their faith tradition.

Many civic organizations are struggling with issues such as partisan  differences among members, conflicts over COVID protocols, and difficult exchanges between citizens and public officials, in their efforts to contribute to the well-being of communities.

The Opportunity

How would you like to help your organization and community address political conflict? How would you like to be part of the solution to our nation’s polarization, a problem that makes it impossible to solve other problems? 

The Braver Angels Community Collaborations Network can help on both fronts. Your own organization and community can learn tools to lower polarization, facilitate the respectful exchange of views, and discover common values, beliefs, and solutions. You can learn and use the Braver Angels approach, which has been effectively used in many contexts and settings.

And you can join hundreds and hundreds of civic, religious, and campus organizations to learn and improve ways of building trust between community members estranged by political differences.

The Braver Angels Community Collaborations Network

This network is a national association of local groups who want to bring the Braver Angels approach to political depolarization into their communities. Collaborators come from politically-mixed, local-level, religious, civic, and college campus organizations. Braver Angels provides resources and support as they develop depolarization strategies and activities for their communities. Collaborators can meet with members of similar groups across the United States to share experiences, brainstorm ideas, and co-create initiatives. 

Think your organization might be interested? Keep reading!

Is my group a good fit for the Community Collaborations Network?

  • Are you a local-level civic, religious, or college campus organization? 
  • Is there a meaningful proportion of red-leaning (conservative or Republican) and blue-leaning (liberal or Democratic) members in your organization? 
  • Will the leadership of your organization support this project?
  • Do you want to introduce Braver Angels principles and practices to your community to help bridge the partisan divide?
  • Do you believe that your group’s traditions and values can contribute to the mission of strengthening citizenship in a divisive era?

If you answered yes to these questions, you could be a great match! Keep reading to learn more. 

What will Braver Angels ask of our organization?

  • Your group identifies two-to-four leaders to attend an orientation and help coordinate this project. Please note: your leader team must include at least one red-leaning and one blue-leaning member. 
  • Each of the two-to-four members of your leader team joins Braver Angels. Memberships are only $12 per year, and this is the only cost associated with this initiative. All training, support, and materials are free.
  • Your group holds an event for all your members, and if you wish, your surrounding community, which combines Braver Angels principles and your group’s own values and traditions, to motivate and support participants ready to engage in  the work of bridging the divide in our country.  
  • Beyond your event, you decide! Your team can choose from a menu of options for continued collaboration. 

Ready to join the Braver Angels Community Collaborations Network?

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