braver nation tour

Get On The Bus!

2020 is already shaping up to be one of the most divisive years in modern American history.

But that’s where we come in — with your help.

As polarization tears at the fabric of America, Braver Angels is buckling up for 2020. We’re launching the “Braver Nation Tour,” a multi-state, five-leg bus tour to transform the conversation in communities, on college campuses, and at political rallies across the country.

We’ll be hosting debates on the 2020 election, giving speeches on American identity, and helping Americans find the courage needed to reach across the divide and make their voices heard.

America deserves a new story this election season. But it won’t happen without you. 

Our draft itinerary is below. Please consider a gift to support Braver Angels 2020 and help us get on the road! 

Leg 1: Ohio, June 2020

June 10-18, 2020

Cities and towns on current schedule include (exact dates TBD):

Cincinnati, Dayton, Chillicothe, Columbus, Steubenville, Cleveland

Leg 2: Midwest, July 2020

Bloomington, IN – July 9, 10
Chicago, IL – July 11, 12
Milwaukee, WI – July 13, 14
Des Moines, IA – July 15, 16
Minneapolis, MN – July 17, 18

Leg 3: East Coast, August 2020

Springfield, MA – Aug. 16, 17
New York, NY – Aug. 18, 19
Washington, DC – Aug. 20, 21
Raleigh-Durham, NC – Aug. 22, 23
Charlotte, NC – Aug. 24, 25
Nashville, TN – Aug. 26, 27

Leg 4: The Rockies to Texas, September 2020

Denver, CO – Sept. 11, 12, 13 
Amarillo, TX – Sept. 14, 15
Austin, TX-  Sept. 16, 17
Dallas, TX – Sept. 18, 19
Tyler, TX – Sept. 20, 21 

Leg 5: California, October 2020

Sacramento – Oct. 13, 14, 15
San Francisco Bay Area – Oct. 16, 17, 18
Central California – Oct. 19, 20, 21 

Los Angeles Area  – Oct. 22, 23, 24

Pulling out all the stops

What does it mean to be an American?

We can’t build a house united unless we remember that we are one people, whether black or white, red or blue. This is the conversation we need to have in America. How are we going to get your neighbors talking about what unites us across the divide?

Braver Angels Debates:

What makes Braver Angels Debates special?

Braver Angels Debates invite you and a group of your fellow citizens to share what you actually believe – no more and no less. And they’re open to all: anyone in the room can speak, whether they are a local leader or the person who will sweep up after the event is done.

American Identity Speaking Tour:

Braver Angels spokesperson John Wood, Jr. has a unique story to tell: the son of an African-American Democratic mother from Los Angeles and a white Trump supporting father from Tennessee, once one of America’s youngest congressional nominees and a recognized voice for national unity, Wood will speak to the unique story of America as one country greater than the sum of its parts – and help start this conversation about who we are as a nation that you get to finish.

And More:

We’re going to save our Republic to the sounds of bluegrass, hip-hop, jazz, country, and the sounds that prove that in our diversity we are one. We’ll be joined at different stops by some of the most exciting musical acts in the country. Announcements coming soon!

Mobilizing our grassroots support

We are excited to have volunteer coordinators on the ground in all 50 states planning and organizing the stops, reaching out to thousands in each location, and ginning up web and social media buzz along the way.

We’ll roll into our 2020 Convention in Charlotte with the momentum and feel of a presidential campaign — but with one big difference:

This campaign is about bringing us together. It’s about saving our republic and renewing our bonds with one another in a time of need.

Get on board — support us!

There are going to be many people trying to tear the American family apart in 2020. Join the one campaign that’s bringing us together. Get on the Bus with us, and join the movement to unite America!