Sign Up Five

As we prepare for the full, public launch of Braver Politics in January, 2022, we are asking our members to spread the word about the initiative and recruit as many new subscribers and members as possible between now and the end of the year.

Braver Politics is an opportunity for Americans to get directly involved in changing our politics for the better. The “Sign Up Five” campaign is an effort to enlist our current members to leverage Braver Politics to get new folks interested in Braver Angels and grow our membership going into the new year.

Below you will find resources designed to help you “sign up five,” including a one-pager with more information on Braver Politics, a shareable graphic for social media, and an email template you can send to your networks.

Our politics are broken. We’re counting on you to grow our movement and maximize the impact of Braver Politics. The five members who are able to recruit the most new members between now and December 31 will receive public recognition and special awards!

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