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Writers Roundtable – May 2020

Braver Angels’ writers reconvened to talk about the handling of the allegations against Biden, reasons for the country’s continued polarization in the midst of COVID-19, and how Braver Angels should emphasize different aspects of its messaging.

What Does it Mean to Love Your Country?

What makes a patriot? How do we express our patriotism? Hear Braver Angels opinion page editor Luke Phillips break down the borderlines of patriotism on I’m The Villain – a podcast by Isabel Knight and Deondre Jones.

For Women, and for Choice

That both parties continue to ask these questions—of where personhood begins and where autonomy ends—without pausing to adequately respond to the other side, is why the abortion debate has come to a standstill in the United States.

For Women, and for Life

It is important to distinguish between pushing an agenda for greater women’s rights, and pushing an agenda for a woman’s right that affects the life of another being.

Mulling Over the Mueller Report

My take on the Mueller Report focuses on not just the report itself, but on the environment into which it’s dropped with a thud. I think understanding that landscape is vital to reckoning with the potential impact, or lack thereof, of the report.

Two Kinds of Half-Depolarization

Depolarization, as we at Braver Angels see it, is not so much about reducing partisanship or increasing moderation, as it is about re-building social ties and relationships across partisan divides, and reducing individuals’ sense of disgust for people of opposing political opinions.

Our Story

Better Angels is now Braver Angels. Our Story Building a House United “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they …

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Not Yet a Forlorn Hope

The mission continued. Every so often since 1944, the ambitions of great leaders and the swirling currents of history have given subsequent generations their own rendezvouses with destiny.

Braver Angels Media- Writer’s Guidelines

Welcome to Braver Angels Media, the opinion page of Braver Angels, where our writers explore themes of importance to our organization and community. We publish standalone pieces and frequent symposiums about civil discourse, civil society bridge-building, bipartisan common ground, the divides between American reds and blues, the work of depolarization, American culture and heritage and …

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Building a House United: The Political Understanding of Better Angels

If you are an American with any reason to follow local news, chances are you’ve heard of us—Better Angels has been covered by scores of local and regional newspapers, not to mention occasional features in national titans like The Federalist, USAToday, and the New York Times. The stories almost always read the same way: America …

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Braver Angels Media

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